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Monday, May 09, 2005


We were rained in. So, we had an indoor picnic on our dining room table.

Just let that sink in a minute.

We had a fabulous brunch at church! I am so glad I brought those chickens, though, because almost everything else was sweet. There was a fruit and custard tart, a strawberry pie, frosted pumpkin cake, a banana-walnut bread pudding, the banana bread, bagels, a salad and the chicken.

Our indoor picnic was nice, too. I invited a friend of mine over with her son (her lousy ex-husband who left her for a floozy not being around to help his son celebrate her) and we ate our grilled chicken, crunchy slaw, croissants and whatever else we picked at to our hearts' content. We also had a great time talking about politics and religion, and marvelling at how much our views had changed since we were in school.

The banoffee tart turned out more like soup, but a tasty, coffee-caramel soup. We ate it anyway. Cut up some strawberries to add to the mix and enjoyed. I think the amount of liquid in the recipe must have been a typo.

Anyway, that is all for now. I'm contemplating writing novels just so I won't have to yell at the otherwise nice books I read for the idiotic political points they stick in at random points which don't even have anything to do with the plot.


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