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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cooking Through Lent

We are not Eastern Rite, so we still use dairy products and eggs. However, I think they cheat a little by allowing sweets.

Last Friday, I made macaroni and cheese.

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I will post the recipe later today, though it is simple to do.

Tonight I will be making a chicken and lima bean stew with potatoes in it. I put dry lima beans, diced onion, potato, some garlic and chicken breasts in the crock pot with water and chicken broth to cover, some thyme and a bay leaf, and cook on low for about six hours. Season with salt and pepper and add some dry sherry in the last hour of cooking.

We do not go meatless through the entirety of Lent as used to be the custom, and still is in the East, but we do try to reduce our intake of meat, fats and sugars, and eat more heartily. Our priest suggested that a good guideline for Lent (and probably at all other times, too) is to leave the table before you feel satisfied.


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