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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


We had quite a nice meal last night. Falafel, grilled lemon chicken, laban bi khiyar, hummus, ful, grape leaves served with lettuce and tomatoes. I never did get the raspberry tart made, so I'm going to try to make it today.

We are planning ahead for our Easter feast. We will have a late night vigil, ending at midnight, and no church in the morning. Then the whole church will come to our house for roast lamb, grilled lamb, hummus and pita, baba ghanooj, laban bi khiyar, tabbouleh, grape leaves, and maybe fried kibbeh. I'll also make the triple chocolate cheesecakes and gatayif. Other people will bring veggies and fruit, salads, devilled eggs, breads, drinks, chips and dip, desserts, all sorts of things. We'll have olives out and feast after a long time of fasting.

Ash Wednesday is late this year, this is the first Valentine's day that wasn't in Lent in a long time, it seems.


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