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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Rich and Dominic!

35 and five years ago, respectively, my husband and my second son were born. In 2000, when Dominic was born, this fell on Father's Day.

On the menu for breakfast, chocolate cherry cupcakes for the birthday boys, made from a box mix with melted Cherry Garcia ice cream for all the liquid excepting the eggs. This is the first time I have used a box mix for cake since 1997, but it came recommended from a food snob who did the experiments for me.

The ice cream really improves the cake, though it still tasted more brown than chocolate. However, the Cherry Garcia has chocolate chunks in it, so you get the flavor of real chocolate that way. Bake for a few minutes longer when using melted ice cream as liquid.

The rest of breakfast will be scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, and rice crispies (talking cereal in our home parlance) for those who are still hungry, washed down with milk.

The real birthday party will be Tuesday, and because we let the birthday person choose the meal, we will be eating hot dogs. They are the kosher kind from Costco, at least. I will make a macaroni salad of some sort, a pot of beans and a real cake with coconut pecan frosting.


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