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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Menu Planning

I am trying to get back on track with menu planning for the week (I usually do it for two weeks). So, today I sat down with the grocery circulars and after checking our freezer inventory and our pantry, made up a plan to take us into next week's ads.


Roast Turkey Breast
Green Beans (probably roasted in olive oil with salt, pepper and garlic)
Wild Rice Dressing
Bourbon Gravy


Black and White Soup with Red Pepper Cream
Spinach Salad with Fried Mozzarella
Olive Oil Bread with Roasted Pepper Anti-pasti from a Jar


Chinese Take Out


Lemony Moroccan Style Chicken Kebabs from Fine Cooking
Laban bi Chiyar (Cucumber Yogurt Salad)
Cous Cous
Grilled Zucchini


Orange Marinated Pork
Chinese Buffet Style Green Beans (we have a lot of green beans)
White Rice


Ham and Cheese Bread Pudding with Peas

I don't know what we're doing from Wednesday on, but it largely depends on the vegetables on sale next week.

Someone out there requested the recipe I used for croissants for Mother's Day. I don't remember if I ever replied. I use the bread machine recipe from Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine and have never had any trouble. Although, I do leave off the egg wash, as that really makes them stick to the pan.


Blogger Bonnie D. said...

I also try to plan my menus but only a week at a time. I love reading yours!

Monday, July 11, 2005 11:28:00 AM  

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